Karimoku Commons Tokyo

I heard that Karimoku has opened a new showroom in Minami Aoyama, which will be the new base "Karimoku Commons Tokyo". The place is a quiet area that entered the residential area from Kotto-dori in Omotesando. The clean concrete building has 3 floors, and the 2nd and 3rd floors are showroom-style spaces where Karimoku's masterpieces are lined up. The first floor, which is fully equipped with a kitchen, will be used as a gallery space.



The first exhibition of Basket club is being held. Basketclub is a project launched in Corona by Jamie Wolfond from Canada and Adrianus Kundert from the Netherlands, which sends out the creativity created by "knitting", and new works by Karimoku creators are also exhibited along with this exhibition. I will. Even though the works of a wide range of creators from all over the country are gathered, it was an exhibition where you can feel a Japanese look and get a glimpse of the range of creativity of knitting (until 31st). By the way, next time from April 5th, bicycles using tokyobike and the developed wood will be lined up.

The last thing I was interested in in the showroom was this stool. Since it is a two-legged set, it has a name called AA stool and a simple design that seems to be easy to use. Is good.