NOWHERE FC in the PORTER Gallery 1, held from today.

nowherefc_snsAt PORTER OMOTESANDO the PORTER Gallery 1, an event of a new street amateur football club "NOWHERE FC" founded in 2010 with members based in New York and Milan in each country will be held.

NOWHERE FC is a street amateur football club launched by Diego Moscoso who served as Supreme and MARC JACOBS designer for many years.
Despite being a football club, not only football wear using original hand dyeing but also products such as street wear and art are announced, the food shop management and unique events beyond the genre are held and fans worldwide It is a group of creators with.

NOWHERE FC in the PORTER Gallery 1
Dates: Friday, June 8, 2018 - Friday, July 6,
Location: PORTER OMOTESANDO the PORTER Gallery 1

At this event we released collaboration items using hand-dyed fabrics representing NOWHERE FC. In addition, the rare worldwide NOWHERE FC street wear will be deployed with a new design to commemorate this event.

Collaboration items with PORTER are the following 4 types. It becomes three colors development of RED · GREEN · YELLOW respectively.

· BOSTON BAG 48,000 yen / DAYPACK 36,000 yen / WAIST BAG 28,000 yen / WALLET 18,000 yen (All tax excluded)