Eunos Roadster

I wonder if more cars at the end of the day beyond this Japanese design will come out? It’s been 28 years since debuting in 1989 and looks beautiful even now.

The designer’s aim to resist the urge to add flashier detail is really wonderful, if it’s thought of in terms of sports cars. And seen now, it makes perfect sense. The wheel is small and also very effective.

And since the basic design proportions are excellent, it goes with everything regardless of what is added. Chrome-plated accessories, BBS wheels, a tan hood, yellow body colour, and Nardi steering wheel all go well together. That is why there was a large vehicle line-up with different colors and specifications, with almost no change in their design for 10 years. Each one is attractive, which I guess has made for their longstanding popularity. And from the small size of the car, It is clear it cannot be made anymore based on crash test safety standards.

However, as this advert for the VR Limited shows, it’s amazing that something as beautiful as this in 1989 was sold in Japan for a little over ¥2 million.


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Screenshot 2017-01-25 20.14.54


Mazda_Eunos_Roadster_V-special_Green 2Screenshot 2017-01-25 23.15.34Screenshot 2017-01-25 23.14.54


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