Price of 911

In the 1993 magazine Car EX, featured a comparison of the price for successive Porsches in each era and how expensive they were in Japan. That same year the price of successive 911-base models along and the value of the luxury models from that year were verified in comparison.

For example, in 1965 it has a price for a 911 at 4.35 million JPY, with the luxury 2.0DX model priced at 1.02 million JPY. Compared with the Luxury model thats 4.24 times more expensive! In ’93, the 911C2 is 10.6 Million JPY IS 1.85 times greater than the Majestic C, which is 5.71 Million JPY. Lets look at the data.

1965 — 4.24 times greater (4.35 million JPY / 1.02 million JPY)

1978 — 3.27 times greater (8.30 million JPY / 2.62 million JPY)

1989 — 2.12 times greater (9.85 million JPY / 4.65 million JPY)

1993 — 1.85 times greater (10.60 million JPY / 5.71 million JPY)

2015 — 1.87 times greater (13 million / 6.95 million JPY)

Seen this way, the price of the 911 compared with the luxury model gradually falls. In 1960, it was 4 times greater than the luxury version, while in the late ‘70s this had fallen to three times, and around the ‘90s it merely doubled. With the advent of the 993, the final two showed it dropped to 1.85. After 1.8, the state has remained flat for almost 20 years. However over the last 10 years the emergence of the ultra luxury model with expensive options, there has in fact been a little increase in appreciation.

Still, if you only look at the current, there is perhaps no doubt to say that Porsche has become familiar. You might say that it’s position has changed from being an enthusiast’s small quantity production sports car to a high-quality luxury sports car.

Still, ‘90s magazines are really amazing. So much valuable detail in the information along with Reiichiro Fukunor’s great description and illustration. Even after more than 20 years, I think it’s a great that there is a magazine like this that will be remain important for a long time to come.