Aventador S

Mitja Borkert, the head of exterior design at Porsche was headhunted by Lamborghini. Redesigning the look of the Aventa should be his first job.

The work on this Aventador S was really impressive. The styling of an aggressive image for the last limited edition SV seemed like a smart update. It was refreshing to see it dramatically reduce the number of extra lines.

2013 - Lamborghini - Aventador - LP - 700 - 4 - Roadster - left - side - 21

Screenshot 2017-01-15 22.30.50

Screenshot 2017-01-15 19.40.34

And among the many highlights, the design of the rear fender arch will be reworked in a Countach-style. It’s subtly done but this rendering shows just how wonderful it is.

Screenshot 2017-01-15 19.52.19