M2 1002

The first generation ‘Euros Roadster’ (NA6CE) had been sold by Mazda itself until it M2 became a subsidiary in 1991, and sold as three special Roadster-based models.

With a minimal essence and name suffixes like 1001, 1002, and 1028 they were very much a model for car lovers costing between 300-400 million JPY, nearly double the price of the basic model at that time—on average 1.75 million JPY..

Among them, and unlike the specialised 1001, this 1002 was quite an attractive part of the spec-conscious lightweight adult-orientation. The interior of the Eunos Cosmo has the same leather as the Yamaha-made wooden panel. The dark metallic blue exterior was also later a part of the RX-7.

Although the engine of the 1002 was not tuned, power steering and power windows are not configured, carrying enough flavour of being a little classic car.

Above all, the instrument dash arranged four separate meters as well as a pilot light which was so good, it was enough to make you shed a tear. This font was also a great addition.


However, 1002 was a failure on the grounds that the engine was normal, had been limited to 300 units, when in fact it came to an end without 80-100 units ever being produced. Looking back on it now, the history of these misfortunes is also interesting (The lottery of producing the 1001 increased the number of units sold seven-fold to 300, while 1028 sold 300 models in one day!)

I wonder if such models aren’t made anymore? If there are plans to make one again, it maybe it is not possible as classically-designed small and basic sports cars are almost non-existent.