The Geneva 7

‘The Geneva 7’, Philips general watch auction will be held the day after the Daytona auction in Geneva. There are even seven Paul Newman being exhibited as well.

Although collected with ‘Daytona Ultimatum’ in mind, I guess they never made it into the top 32. Nevertheless, I guess you could call it the era of Rolex, or more precisely, the era of Daytona.

Lot.179 / 6263 Paul Newman Mk1 / 250-450K CHF

This case is a good fit with the case serial number 2.19, and although the dial condition is good Panda Mk1, is this the estimate because it’s taken into consideration the replaced pusher and the bezel state, etc? It doesn’t matter if someone has these sorts of parts. There’s a good chance the price will go up eventually.

Lot.218 / 6239 Paul Newman Tiffany&co. / 200-400K CHF

A white PN Tiffany also came out again, following the one in New York last year. Naturally the case is Ref.6239 with a 1.9 serial number. It’s been exhibited as original with a font consistent with the Tiffany period. However, the luminescence isn’t good compared with the one from last year, but I guess it can’t be helped.

Lot.254 / 6240 Paul Newman / 150-250K  CHF

Phillips have, should I say, finally unveiled the Ref.6240 Paul Newman for all to see. Although already decided as uniquely okay since last year’s Antiquorum, Phillips are following the trend by listing it as well. However, for now it’s only the black PN, but since they’re not easy to make, the case is limited to a 1.658.xxx serial number. However, if this is okay, the aura of white PN could mean it’s okay as well. A lot of dealers weren’t handling them until now, but I think there is a chance this will become okay worldwide at the same time.

Lot.172 / 6262 Paul Newman / 120-180K  CHF

Ref.6262 Paul Newman (nicknamed the 62 Panda) has come out. Strangely, the Ref.6264 Panda jumped in price and there was a sense the White Ref.6262 Paul Newman with stainless steel bezel was left lagging behind in the market place but I wonder what will happen this time? Personally, the Ref.6262 Panda really suits the watch strap and is one of the smartest, even among PN.

Lot.282 / 6239 Paul Newman / 120-180K  CHF

The popularity of Black Ref.6239 Paul Newman is on the rise. While it’s disappointing the case is so slim, the dial looks good. It’s the dial condition that gives an estimate above the next Ref.6241 White Paul Newman. After all, it was a time when condition made all the difference. The case is serial number 1.78.

Lot.245 / 6241 Paul Newman / 100-150K  CHF

It’s a White Ref.6241 Paul Newman, but this is the estimate because luminescence is so poor. But it’s still quite expensive judging from what it was a little before. This area is difficult though, since it’s no exaggeration to say luminescence is the most important aspect of Paul Newman.

Lot.253 / 6239 Paul Newman / 100-150K  CHF

It’s a White Ref.6239 Paul Newman with a dial condition similar to the Ref.6241 PN we’ve just seen. Although the Red self-winding Ref.6239 influenced by the actor’s own Ref.6239 is becoming expensive, the condition of those elements look bigger.