Gold PN in Geneva

It seems that three solid gold Paul Newmans will appear at the Geneva auction.

First to PHILLIPSJPSBut. The case is of course 6241 and 14K. The serial number is 2.084.363, and the dial looks good. The edge of the rug is a little crumbled, but I think it is a decent individual as a whole. Estimate has become quite high at 700K-1.4M (CHF). Considering that there were many Estimates of 400-800K a while ago, it has become considerably higher in the last 1-2 years. At present, the market price of lemon, which is said to be the smallest in number, is said to be higher, but JPS has a black dial in terms of design, so when considering the future, there is a possibility that it will eventually reverse. It may not be zero.

Screenshot 2022-04-12 14.24.10

Screenshot 2022-04-12 14.24.37

Screenshot 2022-04-12 14.24.53


And to Christie'sLemonIs exhibited. This is a tropical dial with a brown in-dial. The case is of course 6264 and 18K. The serial number is 2.357.384, and as far as you can see in the picture, the in-dial and outer circle are also brown. It's a shame that the night light is quite dull, but when it comes to tropical lemons, there are probably a few (maybe one?) In the world, so it seems like it can't be helped. Of course, Estimate is 900K-1.8M (CHF), which is the highest of the three, but what will happen? Apart from this, lemons also appear in PHILLIPS in NY (the condition itself is above the individual in NY).

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Here is an image of the actual machine. Unfortunately, the night light is pitch black. However, the brown color of the in-dial is quite beautiful and has a uniform color tone.

IMG_4983 2


And at the same time to Christie'sChampagneAlso appeared. The dial of this individual is in a condition that is rarely seen in history, so it may be highly evaluated. It is 6241 of 18K, and the serial is 1.757.887. However, there is an engraving on the back cover that seems to be due to the first owner. This is a negative evaluation from the collector's point of view, but the date matches the era when it was first sold in 1970, so how do you evaluate this?

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This is an image of the actual machine, but the condition of the dial including the luminous condition is wonderful. It seems that such an individual does not come out easily.



個人的にも長年 ビンテージロレックスを追ってきた立場だから よくわかるのですが「デイトナを追求していくと 結局は金ポールに行き着く」という部分はひとつの真理として あるのかな、と思います。もちろんコレクターによって好みや、趣向、フォーカスするモデルはあると思うんです。金ポールより高価なモデルもたくさんありますし。でも 最後はそこに行くしかないと言うか。これは何も本当に買う買わないに限った話ではなくて、自分の中での ベスト・デイトナ をどのモデルと考えるか… そういう意味においての話ですけれど。