Hiroshi Fujiwara's "Winter Warmers 2021" vol.1

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"Winter Warmers" is a heartwarming selection of pieces that Hiroshi Fujiwara has come across via work and his private life. Here are photos of those multi-genre pieces from the perspective of Hiroshi Fujiwara chosen based on their aesthetics and feel for the times.

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“TOKYO DRIVE CAR CLUB has recently begun making items. I always have cushions in my home, and this is the newest addition.” He added it to the gorgeous lineup of cushions on his living room couch.

If you don't know about "TOKYO DRIVE CAR CLUB" yet, please Google it.


Nike Dunk Low Archeo Pink

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“I got interested in these shoes after receiving a ‘newly stocked’ alert, so I bought them. There wasn’t much hype about them, so I guess they’re a general sale item? Maybe a women’s item?” We double checked, and it was indeed a women’s item. Pink Dunks are pretty fresh.


Osakaya’s “Takenagashi”

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The Takenagashi at Osakaya have been made by hand for 240 years and are one of Hirosaki, Aomori’s signature sweets.


They don’t seem to be sold online, so we want to try stopping by the next time we visit Hirosaki.


retaW FRGMT* Condishampoo and Body Shampoo

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“These are my main items during bath time.” Fujiwara had already been using retaW items, and in 2019 the label added the retaW FRGMT* shampoo and body shampoo.

It’s shampoo for lazy people.” Fujiwara comments on how the condishampoo is a convenient 2-in-1 item with a concentrated fragrance. Many people comment about how it leaves their hair feeling soft, but he adds, “Just this one product is enough for me, but please use a treatment for more intense haircare.

By the way, the retaW FRGMT* fragrance is, “Probably something people who bought my old album would recognize. ‘DUB CONFERENCE,’ which came out in 1995, was sold in a vacuum sealed pack that included a fragrance, and the current scent is similar to the one when you opened the pack. That was 30 years ago.” So did anyone notice the scent? Taking a sniff might just bring back memories. Enjoy it with the elusive retaW FRGMT* hoodie. “We sold it on the low and it sold out on the low.” That's the best way to go.

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2020年に87歳で亡くなったルース・ベイダー・ギンズバーグ最高裁判事は、歴代2人目の女性判事でリベラル派や女性からの支持の高かった人物。カシミヤ混の毛糸を編んだセーターのグラフィカルなジャカード柄は、彼女の襟元にヒントを得たのだとか。Netflixでは彼女に密着したドキュメンタリー作品が配信されているのでぜひチェックを。もしやヒロシさん、彼女に会ったことが…? “Nope. I didn’t do anything bad.”


Hiroshi Fujiwara’s『Winter Warmers 2021』vol.2

winter warmers 2021

Hiroshi Fujiwara's "Winter Warmers 2021"