​ ​‘Seamore’s’

The year before last​ ​Taiki​ ​​ ​in New York, told me that “meatball shops are in fashion right now” As youngsters pick at their meatballs, I drink beer. Everyday is a roaring business. Huh the next day I visited the Band of Outsiders show room and though it was kind of interesting. What’s​ ​The Meatball Shop​ ​ball pen doing on the negotiation table? I thought the moment had amazing synchronicity (actually, since it seems that Band of Outsiders did a launch show there) then went off to the The Meatball Shop’s seafood store,​ ​​ ​‘Seamore’s’.
As it doesn’t take advance books, I went a little early at 18:00. Despite there already being a lot of people, as expected I managed to secure a table at this time.
Poke salad, and Avocado frit with Tacos is tasty as expected.
The place must be a popular meeting spot for young women in NY, for as time goes by, the local bar fills with the sound of shrill voices (laugh)