Erased de Kooning Drawing

ロバート・ラウシェンバーグ が1953年に制作した「Erased de Kooning Drawing(消されたデ・クーニング)」という作品。これは文字通り ウィリアム・デ・クーニングのドローイングを消しゴムで消し去ったという作品。


Robert Rauschenberg “Erased de Kooning Drawing, 1953”

The concept of creating a new work by disappearing would have been quite novel at that time. The back side of this work is also quite good.



For the original work, he explained his intention to De Kooning, who was already a master at that time, and asked him to provide a drawing. Maybe I didn't have the courage to erase the canvas work. And it is said that the characters on this attached title card were written by Jasper Johns. The background around here is also interesting.


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