Kerze (Candle)


This work went up for sale at Christie’s in 2002. This seems to be a one-off shot taken of a canvas oil painting, but doesn’t really look official. There a several kinds of famous works and this one is differs from the Candle Edition.

It might be a test from when Richter was making the Edition. However, even though it is not an official piece, this is the price from 2002.

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Candle oil paintings were made continuously from 1982 to 1983 amounting to about 30 pieces, with ‘Skull with Candle’ (1983) as the last piece to be painted.

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When it comes to candle oil paintings there are only a few private collections, since quite a few are in museums, so it’s rare for them to come up for sale. The price has gone up like this in recent years and even examples of unofficial work have probably gone up in value. This one is from five years ago, in 2011.


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