Lancia HYENA

The phantom Zagato was produced only in 24 units in 1992. Its name is Hyena.

Lancia Delta Integrale Evolzione platform. The exterior is an aluminum body, the interior is all carbon and the engine is tuned to 250ps. It was created by Zagato's management, based on sketches drawn by Dutch businessman Paul Court and artist Nani Tedeschi. It was announced that 75 cars would be produced to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Zagato's birth, but due to production issues, it ended up producing around 24 cars.

The 24/24 individuals were auctioned. One of the three units shipped at 300ps.

Cf :​ ​RM Sotheby's

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It is a very ambitious design with an original silhouette that reflects the taste of Lancia in the 90s. This individual has a great color and looks great. Many such rare cars were born in the 1990s. Even cars that were not understood at all at the time would be valuable and possessed for a long time.

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The overall length is very short at 3,985mm and the width is 1,740mm. The rear design is unique. The vehicle weight is 1,148 kg. The interior uses a lot of carbon, and the dashboard with bold curves may represent the Zagato double bubble. It is quite a sense that only the steering and seat are navy.

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