WAVE x Toyo Kasei "Digital" warmth of people "."

1 Main Wisdom
The legendary record revival project "WAVE" set by Oosumi Takeshi and Yuichi Yoshii will collaborate with Toyo Kasei. Toyo Kasei, an analog record press manufacturer founded in 1959, has undertaken everything from cutting analog records to press and package printing for more than 60 years as a number of record press plants have disappeared due to the digitization of the music industry. Has led the record industry not only in Japan but throughout Asia. In recent years, the movement beyond manufacturing companies, such as developing a business to distribute Japanese music overseas, has also attracted attention.

In collaboration, the theme of Toyo Kasei's “The warmth of people that digital doesn't have” is the theme of sweatshirts (¥ 15,000), T-shirts (¥ 6,500), and record bags (¥ 6,000 * January) featuring both logos. Late release). It will be released on January 11 at the WAVE corner of WAVE Shibuya PARCO, THE CONTEMPORARY FIX Kyoto store.

ADD: Shibuya Parco 1F, 15-1 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL : 03-6455-2214