In-ear headphone

An unintended purchase, these headphones are often referred to as ‘in-ear’.Regardless of brand, each one is different, which is something I am curious about.​ ​

I’ve bought the latest model by BOSE that has just been released, so lets compare ‘old’ with ‘new.’

First the previous model which I quite like.Since they're not pushed into the ear you can still hear background noise without paying too much attention to it, while walking for example.

I use this type quite a lot.


And the new model …

Both size and sound quality are good but their fairly self-contained.It’s good for cancelling out background noise on the train or on a plane, but I may not use them this way. It could say they have both advantages and disadvantages. Noise cancelling is a matter of taste and as for the cable sound, it’s something I really dislike. When walking, the cable transmits noise as it swings and is too noisy. As everything is sealed, theres no way to prevent this. It’s not helped by the thickness of the hard cable either.


The differences between both earphones and headphones are profound and something I want to report on again in the future.