Diamante released by Mitsubishi Motors in 1990, the second half of the bubble economy. Although it is a full-size body, it has a hard top and is based on FF-based 4WD (at that time, high-class cars = FR had a strong common sense). What shocked me most was the design that completely copied BMW without any hesitation.

Of course, if you look closely, it's completely different from BMW, but it is well-directed by incorporating only the delicious parts of BMW's image, such as four round lights, a low bonnet and a long nose, and it is a great hit in sales. It was.

Screenshot 2019-08-10 21.52.301990 DIAMANTE

BMW_535i_ (5108626840)1990 BMW 525i



In 1995, a full model change was made, and the rear design more closely resemble BMW. Whether the season has passed It was not a big topic, and the sales were down. It cannot be said that it was a design. I think that at least the Japanese cars at that time had a rare “European feel”. Even if it was a copy.



This is the design of the 5 series tail lamps. The L-shaped arrangement is exactly the same. However, even if you look at it now, you can see that this taillight was designed quite well.

BMW-E34-5-S eri es-39-750x500