Well, it is 992 of the new 911 which will be announced on November 28, but various speculations have come into sight. First about the design of the front. I've put a join line between 997,991 recently and this hood like this on the hood.

Screenshot 2018-11-18 21.17.53997


In other words, the front bumper is the height of the center of the headlight, and it is designed to be joined to the bonnet panel and the fender panel. The joining line runs to the left and right of the headlight.

That is the new model 992.

porsche-992-carrera-c126813112018200358 - 1 - 1992

The panel is joined to the left and right straight line completely under the headlight. Moreover, the lines on both sides of the bonnet are also almost straight without a curve. Does not this just make the image of the air cooling age?

1971 - Porsche - 911 S - Coupe - Front901



porsche-992-carrera-c126813112018200358 - 1 - 1992

Moreover, it seemed quite masculine macho feeling by cutting the joining line linearly. The real thing seems to be considerably good.

porsche-992-carrera-c 126813112018200358 _ 3

There are also design-like trends as well as shapes that plastics unpainted structures bump into the bumper, but maybe there is a possibility of preparing a high-priced option to carbonize here. If there is an option to install carbon parts on front and rear bumpers, it will be calculated so that you can get sales close to 1 million yen here alone. Because the option business is the basis of 911.

porsche-992-carrera-c126813112018200358 _ 4

porsche-992-carrera-c126813112018200358 _ 5

856 B 1595 - ED 4 C - 4 F 54 - 9 CE 3 - 2595 2 DF 0 269 3

Regarding the rear fender, we stopped differentiation at Carrera 2/4, and there are rumors that there are all over fenders, but what about that? Since there are also rumors of the hybrid and the EV model in the latter half, the space is probably all over-fender, assuming that it will come in need of space. In addition to usual turbo, GT 3, Targa, GTS, Carrera E and so on may come out. Well, before that, all electronic is Tykan.