A-class Sedan

There was a time when one characteristic of European car makers have fewer models compared to Japanese brands before. Basically, C, E, and S-class. G and SL are additional to these, and then E after that, just like the wagon and coupé.

But Mercedes has released the A-class Sedan in almost the same tradition. Nevertheless, the present day is no longer the age of automotive sales wars. It will continue introducing the latest design taste possessing technology and top model parts as well even if an entry model.

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Even if it is this model, it has become a showroom-conscious quality finish, and though not inferior to the CLA could affect C-class sales. And they’ve proudly declared the steering the same as the S-class. In recent years even the basic class may be come with the added value of models like the AMG and options packages, and might be the right time for users.

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But on the other hand, as the base model becomes more and more luxurious the difference with the top model will become the smaller, so justifying the high price of luxury models like the S-class will become difficult.

In the same way as those who begin to think of Cayenne’s design, quality and running in terms of Porsche, if the 911 really is worth twice as much?