Leica Q Khaki

Leica Q khaki _ front

A special limited model 'Leica Q Khaki' from the Leica camera company appears clad in khaki. Sales are limited to​ ​495​ ​worldwide (the number in Japan has yet to be announced) and is scheduled for release on October 13th.

Leica Q khaki_left

Leica Q khaki_top

With the performance of the high-performance ‘Leica Q’ compact digital camera equipped with a full-size sensor and bright single-focus lens the same, the exterior color uses fine genuine leather, adopting a khaki color for the classic Leica logo engraved on top of the main body. With coloring reminiscent of the popular and previously released special limited edition ‘Leica MP Safari’, you can enjoy a slightly different atmosphere than before.

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