SP1 / SP2

Ferrari is developing a new special model series called Icona. SP1/SP2 are the first models to be announced. With a 1950s classic-conscious design spec the SP1 is a 1-seater, and SP2 is a 2-seater.

With this Ferrari has evolved a Special Model business for the ultra-wealthy, and the business of car branding has the feeling it has entered a new phase.

If you do this kind of thing in the first place, it is obvious that Ferrari will dominate having so many famous cars with stories of their own, I guess Japanese brands will not be able to compete at all. Of course, Porsche and Lamborghini are bound to do the same thing, but I do not think that I can do as well as Ferraris if I think about the quality, the customer-base, and the know-how to develop a limited model as quickly as this. Both are based on the 812, but already built like a one-off, and are limited to 200.

Whether it is a watch or a car, the top brands will be the same everywhere, but one big theme for the future will be a question of "how many pieces can be kept as premium?" Speaking of models such this, if it sells out at the same time as its release, it will be a failure if the resale price does not significantly exceed the list price, so what that is becomes important.

It’s exactly what I said, “Brand business at its most extreme”.

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