BALMUDA The Toaster

I recently got the new grey-colour BALMUDA​ ​The ToasterSilent Poets first new album in 12 years is on heavy rotation, as you’d expect.
and immediately set about buying bread so that I could bake with it.

Having used it previouslyand remember how great the croissants were. Even though I thought “I really want to taste that taste again” I decided to bake something different (laugh). So, this time made ‘stuffed breads’ instead.
Using the ‘Cheese on Toast’ mode, I baked Sausages and ‘Kujo’ leak from Kyoto. The bread was soft and fluffy, and I was surprised the leak didn’t burn and even amazed that the sausage was cooked right through.
In terms of gadgetry, instead of having an all-in-one mode, even though this function is excellent, I think it would also be good to have them separately, which is the case for most household appliances. Even still, this is by far the best of it’s group for cooking bread with.