Introducing the new portable fragrance from retaW

top porta fragrance nmThe single-use type portable fragrance ‘Porta Fragrance’ makes it’s debut from fragrance label ‘reta W’. It comes in medicine-like packaging with 16 fragrances per box, costing ¥2,400. It will go on sale from August 1st at retaW stores and at other retail outlets.

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‘Porta Fragrance’ is a cream type perfume, each one packed in small 1g packages. There are four fragrances in all.​ ​The spicy and blended pachouli with vanilla of​ ​NATURAL MYSTIC*, ALLEN* which conceals a deep scent of lily, enchanting EVELYN* with a blend of champagne and bergamot, and BARNEY* with a refreshing sense of transparency and a classic fragrance.

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■ Porta Fragrance
Price: ¥2,400 each (plus tax)
Contents: 16 pieces / 1 box
Official Site (Japanese)