The first GT63 sedan with an exclusive AMG body will be released shortly. And yet the difficult part seems to be whether or not the car will succeed in terms of sales.


There are several reasons for this, but one is the fact that the AMG GT Coupe is already on sale again. Considering the similarity of name and design, I wonder if this new GT63 will be accepted as the 4-door version of the AMG GT?

However, one factor might be the motivation on the buyer’s side is difficult to increase, especially when the 4-door AMG GT is said to have not met Mercedes’ expectation of commercial success.

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Another big reason is perhaps the character of AMG brand customers. Because, after all, many customers who buy AMG are seeking a car which while strong and sporty is actually pretty comfortable. For example, the SLS and AMG GT both of which didn’t sell as well as expected were real sports cars with a hard ride. They might have been too serious from an AMG customer perspective. This is very different from what Porsche customers are looking for with a hardcore model.

Even for a Porsche such as the sedan, a V6 model Panamera is tailored to car that can be driven normally in comfort by everyone. A good way of describing the Panamera, at the risk of being misunderstood, is the increasing popular as a sedan that can be driven in normal comfort while delivering the image of Porsche.

However, this GT63 will probably end up being a 'hard’ 4-door car like the AMG GT. Even as an AMG, this car probably didn’t end up like an ordinary E class as a car with a soft ride. This is very difficult territory for the AMG brand and maybe one of the challenges it faces in the future.


With that in mind, Porsche has done very well. For example, from the perspective of a modern car, the Cayenne and Panamera V6 are not cars with special sports-like performance. Without the fear of being misunderstood, it’s actually a car that remains largely unchanged from an ordinary Mercedes or 6-cylinder model BMW. However, you might also say that’s why it sells so well.

On the other hand, there are no customers getting angry about it saying how comfortable the Panamera is. This is because customers are thinking of it as different from the Cayenne and Panamera. Perhaps you could say educating Porsche customers of this difference was very clever.