CLS 53 4Matic+

CLS 53, the AMG version of the CLS, has been unveiled. The mild hybrid tech of this 53 has been installed in the E class and the E Coupe at the same time. The engine is a V6 3.0 Litre Twin Turbo with 48V mild-hybrid technology and 456ps. Because it will resemble the status of AMG GT’s 4-door saloon planned to appear in the future, this could mean the CLS 63 may not come out.

However, given that AMG also has 43, 45, 53 and 63 in the model line-up, the models of AMG itself seems to be constantly increasing.

Although no major change in terms of design, the left and right bumper fins, and the lips designed as if attached below the bumper are all the same colour, and the double bumper-like finish feels kind of fresh. But it might be good with this colour.

2018 - Detroid - Auto - Show - Mercedes - AMG - CLS 53 - 7836

2018-Detroid-Auto-Show-Mercedes-AMG-CLS 53 - 7849

2018 - Detroid - Auto - Show - Mercedes - AMG - CLS 53 - 7865