NORDISK Camp Supply Store by ROOT


The shop opened last weekend.
Although I came to the preview, it was first time in while that I have been impressed or even slightly shocked by a shop.
Called NORDISK, the hi-spec select shop specializes in camping.
The real surprise though is the line-up, featuring the likes of BEST MADE CO. and Mountain Research, White Mountaineering, Mystery Ranch, and so on.
Although the adjoining coffee shop is in no way out of the ordinary, the only food available are Danish style hotdogs. This seems to be something NORDISK’s owner explicitly requested.
Why here? Well, because it’s close to the home of owner​ ​Yamane-san(laugh) and somewhere you’d drive past if going camping.
I’m not overwhelmingly convinced by the concept, since this impacts on who comes. It’s not exactly the best marketing strategy.
As it’s actually in my neighbourhood (laugh) I’m more than likely to drop by.