Rouge of Light

When I find something I like, it really bothers me that I have to get it,

like this Rouge of Light.

As you’d expect lipstick has an image and color,

and this shimmers when light hits it, but it’s not vivid in color and doesn’t have a glossy shine either.

I’m addicted to what I’ve randomly labelled ‘Rouge of Light’,

and feel chic and a little mysterious, especially when I go for a shade of beige.

It’s out in limited colors this spring from Chanel and Addiction.

IMG - 7422

CHANEL 126 beige dore

ADDICTION 018 Lazy Doll



Taeko Kusaba
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Born in Kumamoto, Independent since 2006. Very active as a hair & makeup artist for magazines, advertising, and commercials. From a love of cosmetics, I recommend beauty products on Instagram — @kusabataeko