This photo has been doing the rounds of late. I was curious, even though I understand the reason, why is there such a size difference?


Come to think of it I’m sure I’d seen a similar an image before, so looked and found one.



It doesn’t feel out of place seen this way. Is there that much of a size difference? Well, even if this photo is not a basic 991, it’s unfair to have used the 4S with flared fenders.

So, I've put these two side by side. And as expected, the scale is completely different with the one on top.

IMG - 9313


Well, in any case it’s not that surprising that the older car is so small. Theres no denying that the 91 is certainly a bit too big.

However, the difficult part for the car when placed in showrooms is certainty the sudden increase in size and ‘super sports’ feel. It was originally a lightweight sports car that only enthusiasts would drive and is now taking on the likes of Ferrari as well as the 911 market. I guess it was enviable that the accepted price would become expensive year after year. So, it’s to simplistic to simply say this “sports car has been ruined”.