Ferrari J50

It’s rumored to have been around for a while but the image finally confirms it. A limited run of only 10 cars in Japan based on the 488 Spider and as per the SP cost 2.5 million EURO and includes ten cars instead of one. It’s the same for the F60 America, which was based on the F12 and cost 3.2 million Euro with the J50 set at the same price.

Its a new product line along with the ENZO and LaF. The other side being a exclusively designed and fully customizable super sports car. This is based on the production model, but the design is completely different with only ten produced. Furthermore, if only the base model and design have changed, with the asset value likely to also remain the same later on, I wonder if this is proof of the considerable effort made attracting the Japanese market?

It also makes for an interesting approach, from a business perspective. Perhaps carefully deciding to only have 10 available protects the value of their exclusivity. Genuine Speciale like the ENZO and LaF are only offered as on-off models to serious collectors. And with the limited number of models like now being only 10, new areas of business are opening up every year. On one hand, this desirability is carefully controlling through their specification, the number produced and their price so they rareness doesn’t diminish, so maybe this is the perfect business model for only the best of brands.