Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept

Last month the Vanquish Zagato was announced. Apparently Aston have acquired a registered trademark for DBZ this time, the name it will seemingly go by when it goes on sale.

Even though Zagato have a long history of teaming up with Ferrari and Aston to create a similar special model, but the presence here of a unique and prestigious Italian company like Carrozzeria is really interesting. More than anything else, the character of the Zagato design is quite sharp which may be perfect for Aston.

Since the vehicle the Zagato is based on will most likely change substantially, the cost will be very expensive due to the changes in body panelling changes, even if they resemble the base model. However such models are interesting because they go up in price if owned for more than 10 years with the price often higher than at the time of purchase.

This would be exactly the same for some kind of custom-built watch. Of course, a brand is based on understanding the state of things, with the customer almost chosen when the time is right and an attitude of “Okay, I will sell”.

Again, the “brand’s commercial code here is extreme” but this kind of a model constitutes car culture.