BMW announces the full-size SUV iX as a new model of the EV i series. The appearance is based on the design source of recent years, with a little edge, and the side view has dropped the image of the window graphic of i3 (actually a mediocre shape, but it looks good with the blackout band of the C pillar) Is) design. Equipped with two motors to generate 500ps.



Screenshot 2020-11-12 21.36.12

The interior was packed with a lot of new proposals, and I was attacking in a very fragile place. Conceptually, there may have been various circumstances such as the use of recyclable materials, but the design is a little strong, and it's a little strange whether you want to be eco-friendly and simple, or you want to look luxurious and fashionable. I feel like I'm impressed. I think that BMW has made a lot of progress, but in general, it may be a little difficult to convey its appeal.

There is no doubt that Mercedes and BMW are aware of Tesla, so I think that I would like to create a unique color for Tesla, which is simple and stateless. However, thinking more simply, I feel that the Apple-like direction is good.

img_ab7e4e8a37313e121a71f5c03cf315d7198917Unusual steering shape.

img_b58910d10707c4cba3f808ee2d9bd6bb229371We use a lot of unfamiliar textured materials because of the idea of recycling.


img_bbfeacb9cf643425ac43af31e0f6d39b143390On the other hand, there are some unbalanced images such as using crystals.

img_8ffce461c11343f42ff491a8a1d9a851185542Curved main display.

img_1fcc30431857a616da69c8fda9f5dabe195578The sheet also uses a lot of triangles and diagonal lines, giving it a contemporary art-like direction.

img_6453ab5b26c5c1c4fcf440b993e1a237145341This looks like leather, but maybe artificial leather

img_058d1755521a5476406761c9e056c456155764The seat design is also quite unusual.