G350d Professional

The successor based on the G350CDI Professional model seems it will come out as the basic G350d. Not as intense as the previous model, comforts such as the navigation screen and power windows feel as if they have been removed from the now ordinary G350d.

Although the door lining covers goes everywhere since there is likely to be little sound proofing, the difference between driving and the interior sound inside is seems normal.

Just looking at the interior, I wonder if the air conditioning and basic seat structure for example are the same as the G350d? Assuming that the air-con will also work, the older Professional and Edition PUR are ideal for people that find the G350d more difficult. The previous limited edition seat was severe over land distances. The rear indicator is obviously orange as well as wooden deck, which maybe has some of the same character.

However, it needs pointing out that the rear seat is not separate.