I do think Americans are a lot more resourceful.

Every time I visit New York, which I do frequently, they shows a different side to their character. You can feel the change in conversation with the people who live there. Like this story about vegan cheese by Yumiko Sakuma, for example.

Although I tried out WeWork’s co-sharing work space in New York this time, this field is expanding quite a bit. Regardless of whether it proves useful or not with respect to WeWork, this is one service I definitely want to use if it goes to Japan.

Spacious is a service using restaurants when in-between open hours. In other words, you can use the restaurant as work space when it’s not open. You can use any store as much as you like for less than $100-a-month if you’re a member. That includes WiFi and power. This is great, especially if the restaurant comes with a private room. It can then be used as meeting space.

It’s common to have a bit work to do between meetings. When in a coffee shop like Starbucks, of which there are a lot of, cigarette smoke is a concern. It inevitable that I often end up going into a net cafe when there’s no time to go back to the office. It’s a service your definitely want to use. Uber is also in Japan but is not as well established but this seems more less restricted.