Dr. Martens "1461" celebrating its 60th anniversary-Memory of London traced with Hiroshi Fujiwara-


1961/It was born on the day, and this day was the source of the naming.Dr. Martens(Dr. Martens) "standard model"1461 3Whole shoes .. The same model that became the base of many masterpieces, but among them2019The collaboration with Fragment Design released in the year is a legendary pair.Dr. MartensIn London, the birthplace of1980We talked to Hiroshi Fujiwara, who has lived in the 1980s, about life and culture at that time.

Photo_ Masamichi Hirose Text_ Kurumi Fukutsu Intervew & Edit_Mio Koumura

■ "I had only that option"Dr. MartensEncounter with

Hiroshi too2019A year"1461Is collaborating with. The shoes you are wearing today, right?

I don't know the number, but this is it. There have been several offers by thenThere was, but the timing wasn't quite right,I finally decided to collaborate at this timing​ ​


Original"1461From3From the hall5You changed it to a hall.

Regarding 5 holesThen, I don't remember why it was 5. Draw a design picture,Martin has a rounded toe, but I gently lengthened itI prefer black stitches, so I made them black. Shoes are 1mm, 2mThe finish is completely different with m, so I adjusted it little by little.Actually beforeI have an idea that I want to work with a certain brand when making shoesIt was, but it didn't happen.Dr. Martens is light and easy to wear even with a leather sole.

It's was so! When did Hiroshi first get to know Dr. Martens?

Is it about when I was in junior high school? At that time, it was a ska boom,When I opened the magazine, everyone wore it. At that time, with monkey bootsI was worried that 8 holes were often posted, butIt wasn't sold at the store I went to.I personally like the music of ska,It may not pass in the sense of fashion.

So when did you first buy it?

1982It was the first time I went to London in the year. Behind Camden Town Station, there is a shop that sells Martin, although it is not directly managed (*British Boot CompanySayFrom ancient timesWe handle Dr. Martensshop). I used to live in a friend's house near Mornington Crescent Station, but I also used Camden Town Station a lot, so I sometimes went to that store. I wonder if this was the one I bought (1461PLAIN WELT). I think it was the first shoe I bought when I went to London. Martin has yellow stitches that are iconic, but I liked black so I chose one without yellow stitches. Before that, I was wearing a robot (a shoe maker in London), so I remember thinking that it would be nice to wear an air cushion.

why,Dr. martensWant to buy?

It was at the shoe store closest to my house (laughs). There may have been other fashionable leather shoes, but if you're going to buy them, go to World's End, a robot, or Martin. At that time, I had only that option. It feels like it was the Meiji era when I ate my favorite chocolate, and it was Martin when I wore my favorite boots.


005From the left of the photo, 1461, 1461 PLAIN WELT, CHURCH called monkey boots

■ Hiroshi Fujiwara saw80Age and view of London

London has changed a lot since Hiroshi was there.

I agree,There is a building as it was at that time, but the contents have changed completely.did. When you go inside the Camden Market, it doesn't look like it anymore,There was still a shoe store where I bought Martin. London 3 years agoI went to peep when I went to. after,At that time, a place where Moroccan-style shops are lined up around Notting HillI went to a place, but that was the only thing that hadn't changed at all.

Recently, you often posted photos from the London era on Instagram.

A friend from London sent me a photo of that time.The artist's friend died and I was contacted.

I also had many older friends.

Well, most of the friends I just talked to20You may be as old as you are. Wasn't it rare? The fact that such a child is coming to London. At that time, London had an image of being very far from Japan, so there weren't many Japanese people, and above all, the pound was550It's the age of the yen.

high! OftenDr. martensYou bought your shoes.

I don't think Martin was that expensive.


— That's right.It is also valuable that the records of that time remain as photographs.

The number of photographs increases rapidly in the 1980s, but not everyone has a camera at that time, so there are few things like street snapshots. In that sense, I think there were quite a few people around me who took pictures from early on.

What were you crazy about at that time?

It was fun to go to the club. It's completely different from Japanese club culture, and like music, the people who come to play are completely different, and there are many people like flashy fashionistas, which was exciting. It may still be there, but the gay club called Heaven and the club called Cha-cha next to it were famous places for people with high fashion sensitivity. No women can enter Heaven, and no tourists can enter Chacha.2The stores are actually connected behind the scenes, and even women can enter the heaven from Chacha, so that2Some people go back and forth between stores. There were many fashionable people there, and it was exciting and I used to go there. By the way, I taught you something amazing in London.


There were many Japanese people living around Camden, so there was also a Japanese supermarket. It seems that it was popular because there was a cup of yakisoba like Peyang, but no one knows how to make it, so I ate it like ramen without adding sauce and draining it (laughs). "This is yakisoba, so it's different," he taught me how to drain the water.

That's a feat! Around HiroshiDr. martensDid many people wear this?

Well, there were many people around me who wore black stitches rather than yellow stitches. However, as I said earlier, it was originally working boots, so in London it's like everyone is wearing it regardless of generation or gender, and I didn't have the image of fashion as it is now. At that time, I didn't have many choices of shoes, so maybe I didn't have anything else to wear. one time,14I remember seeing a skinheads student wearing boots as long as a hall and thinking, "Oh, there's something like this." By the way, in London, "1461Was called Postman shoes.


I had the image of a flat tire, but it wasn't.

1461Is an image of ska and skinheads.1460」(8The hall) has a stronger impression of punk. However, I think all the sensitive children are shoes that go through. By the way, Ray Petri, the stylist who launched Buffalo, often wore steel cap shoes.

It's a design where you can see the steel toe cap built into the toe part.

That's right. A long time ago, there was a child who helped Vivian's shoes in a house where he lived in London, but he said, "1461I made my own steel toe cap shoes by shaving the toe part by myself with a utility knife or file. I painted it in light blue and customized it, and I thought it was interesting, but then it became popular, and some people painted it on the boots themselves. It was interesting to see that modifying existing ones spread around.

— In Japan, it seems that the name has expanded around the 90's.

That's right.Ready Steady Go!It was around that time that a store called was opened around Namikibashi.?? I haven't been there much. In my actual experience, "It's a robot. ”In the 1980s.Not only Martin but also Roke is handled there,I wonder if everyone started wearing it in Japan because of that trend. 980I got the impression that the number of people wearing boots has increased since their generation. RaffinThe nose pong (Hideaki Okamura) wore it, soThat impression is also strong for me.

"This year is also the base of Hiroshi's collaboration model.1461Is60It's the anniversary.

You're older than me (laughs).60It's great that the same thing continues to be supported for years. I think that continuing is something that everyone has to emulate.


-Thank you.Finally, what would Hiroshi choose if he wanted to choose a song that fits Martin's image?

The song is a cover,The SpecialsIs it "Monkey Man"?