Focusing on the appeal of the Seiko Field Watch

Seiko’s new Propsex watch has been released, overseen and produced by Creative Director and CEO of LOWERCASE, Yoshikage Kajiwara. We focus on the essence of the appeal of this model while unpacking the attention given to its detail and design.
Photo, Kengo Shimizu | Edit & Text, Issey Enomoto

Introduced in June 2016, the LOWERCASE produced Seiko Prospex model was extremely popular. Last time it was a Diver’s watch, but this time the model is a Field watch.

Copy of _SZ_ 2704

’Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster model by LOWERCASE’
Solar charging / Reinforced Plastic outer-case protection / Stainless Steel case / Nylon strap / Water Resistant 20 Bar
‘SBDJ029’, ¥42,000 (plus tax)

Nylon material that is light and casual in appearance will be used in the strap. It seems to go really well with the recent trend of outdoor and military like styling as well.

Copy of _SZ_ 2723

The case adopts an outer body structure as part of Seiko’s heritage protecting the movement from impact. This is also used in divers watches, and is a structure symbolizing Seiko’s own diver’s watch. The size of the case is lighter and more compact than the diver’s watch, making it more suitable for everyday use.

Copy of _SZ_ 2729

The shape of hands and the Arabic hour-mark fonts are inspired by the classic design of Seiko’s historical masterpiece. The bezel has adopted a rotary bezel with a countdown function often found in field watches designed as practical.

In addition to being equipped with 20 Bar water resistance it also comes equipped with the ability for solar charging. It’s wonderful that it can be used without worrying about running out of battery.

It also comes in a total of 3 different colour combinations, including Black/Brown, and Black/Black, besides the Khaki/Beige combination above.

Copy of _SZ_ 2760

’Seiko Prospex Fieldmaster model by LOWERCASE’
General spec: Solar charging / Reinforced Plastic outer-case protection / Stainless Steel case / Nylon strap / Water Resistant 20 Bar
Left, ‘SBDJ028’, ¥42,000 (plus tax) / Right, ‘SBDJ027’, ¥37,000 (plus tax)

Based on black, these colour combinations look chic and composed in contrast with the strong casual taste of Beige/Brown. I think you’ll agree it also adapts to either a jacket or suit style without feeling out of place.

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