G class facelift

The G-class Facelift, which has been rumored for some time this year. The current G was announced in January 2018, so it's been five and a half years. It's calculated that about four and a half years have passed since the delivery of the initial lot. It is said that this time the exterior will only be redecorated on the front and rear bumpers, and the interior will not change much, but what do you think?

Regarding the engine, the default route is to change the G500 to the V6 (=S500 engine) and the G63 to the new V8 (=S63e engine). The rest is whether or not "EQG" will be released at the same time.


Bumpers are definitely different. The left and right grille parts of this bumper seem to protrude forward, which is a bit strange.

IMG_5243 IMG_5244

This is EQG. The front bumper has a similar shape. The main front grill looks like it's going to be a smooth one with no holes unlike the gasoline version.