New E-Class

The new E-class has been announced. The AMG line adopts a distinctive grille and has brought only the face to the EQ series, but the overall silhouette is a normal silhouette, so it seems a little uncomfortable. I put a black margin on the outer circumference of the chrome of the grill, but I wonder if the body will be black here regardless of the color.

The new innovation this time is this tail light. This kind of three-dimensional light expression feels a little new. The left and right rear lamps are independent, but with a black garnish in the center (red if it is an exclusive line), we have expressed the differentiation from the EQ that "although it is a straight line design, the light emitting area is independent on the left and right".

The exclusive line is the classic grille, a design that strongly retains the traditional MB image. I think that there are many conservative customers for the E class, so it seems that such a layer is here.

AMG LINEscreenshot 2023-04-26 9.25.11

Screenshot 2023-04-26 9.25.35

Screenshot 2023-04-26 9.10.44

screenshot 2023-04-26 9.10.58

Exclusive LINEScreenshot 2023-04-26 9.22.48

screenshot 2023-04-26 9.23.18




official video isherebut may be removed.