I tried a test drive on the B3, which is based on the new 3 Series (G20), and was impressed with the result as a very unique model. Speaking of Alpina, a large torque diesel engine was famous these days, but this time the B3 of 3.0 straight 6 of gasoline also generated a large torque of 71.4 kgm from 2500 rpm, and the power is 462 ps. It's a tremendous torque feeling from the person who started running, and it's a completely different run from Porsche, which is very interesting. Of course, D3s are also available.

From this time, the base is M Aero and the design is very sporty. And because the original BMW has a huge grille for M3 / M4, it sells quite well in Japan.

Screenshot 2020-09-21 16.41.26

Even though the base 3 series has become larger, the width of 1,827 mm will fit in almost all multi-storey car parks, so it can be said that it is a versatile sports sedan. The interior can be luxurious as an option, and I wondered if there was such a choice instead of 992. The rear seats can be seated properly and the ride is quite good. Above all, the atmosphere was completely different from that of AMG, where the interior has become more flashy these days.

Those who purchase this will have a lot of trouble with body color. Do you choose between Alpina Blue and Alpina Green, or a normal color such as black? It's a car that makes you look forward to the troubled time. It takes a little over a year from ordering to delivery, which is too long now, and I think it is perfect for those who can enjoy including that.

Screenshot 2020-09-21 16.41.43

It's strange that when you get used to this Alpina blue, which feels too flashy at first, you may think that this color is all right. In fact, in the case of B3, the impression that a color such as black is a little lacking in alpina. In fact, with B3, more than 60-70% of people choose Alpina color.