JORDAN BRAND x fragment design: The designer's background story


A new page is added to the history of JORDAN BRAND. The collection, which has a fragment design as a collaborator, will be launched on September 17th. Since 1984, it has been a fan of many times, but this time we have a collection of sneakers and apparel aimed at the next generation who do not know Michael Jordan (MJ). A product designed for the Jordan brand by Hiroshi Fujiwara, who has been involved in the history of NIKE for a long time. What is behind the scenes of the production? Based on the story of Israel Mateo (Israel Mateo), an energy designer who was involved in the development of the product, and Peter Koytroulis, an apparel designer director who was involved in the development of the product.

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■ Air Jordan Cadence

price: ¥ 14,000 + tax

Regarding the early days of Air Jordan Cadence production, Israel Mateo recalled:As a premise, Hiroshi designs shoes of various brands and has an original style and sense. Not only that, you can also like the latest technology and master it.Cadence is a selection of running shoes that you can wear everyday, and a large number of archive models. To be honest, I was surprised at first, but at the same time, I was happy that he was interested in these shoes and wanted to make use of them. Michael himself wore comfortable running shoes on the off-court, and he probably chose something that made him feel that kind of heritage. "​ ​



Cadence which means prosody and rhythm. True to the meaning of the word, the ground-colored neutral gray shoes are rhythmically decorated with decorative tape with a series of Jumpman motifs and a large, unobtrusive fragment of the lightning mark throughout the shoe. Also, the jagged stitches that are often used in apparel collections can be seen in the same color in places, which also accentuates the rhythm of the shoes.

Air Jordan III

price: ¥ 22,000 + tax

For the first time, the Jumpman was adopted for the tongue, and the Air Jordan III is still inherited as a Jordan brand classic. Tens of thousands of patterns have been created so far, but Hiroshi Fujiwara designed it in black and white, which is also the signature of fragment design.


Later, Hiroshi Fujiwara talked about the source of the idea, "like a white ribbon painted on the tires of a vintage car," but Israel"Air Jordan IIIMJ was also my favorite model, so it was a convincing choice. HiroshiWhen he was young, there was no internet and Air Jordan, who was far away, was a memorable pair. "Talk to. "Let's change the viewpoint, not just change the color blockingFaithful to Hiroshi Fujiwara's words, the elephant-printed leather is a basic yet strong pair with a beautiful white color and a sense of black width.


Among these chic and stylish shoes, the one that attracts the most attention is the heel part where the jump man and the fragment mark overlap. By letting Jumpman pass through a transparent plate, the fragment marks printed on the shoe body are linked to each other."It's an idea that could become the new Air Jordan standard in the future."Says Israel.

■ Jordan × Fragment Apparel Collection

Fleece crew: price ¥ 14,000 + tax

 ジョーダンブランド アパレル デザインディレクターピーター・コイトゥルーリスは、"In the beginning, I thought about how vintage styles and old streetwear are inherited for the present era. In that situation, by sprinkling Hiroshi's style, it will survive over time. I aimed to create a style. "​ ​

The collection includes two types of pullover hoodies, fleece crews, long-sleeved T-shirts, short-sleeved T-shirts, and woven pants for total coordination. The signature color is blue, which has different shades from black, and the nostalgic design gives it a feeling of the atmosphere of the time."We focused on garment rather than innovation. Taking inspiration from the archive, we focused on details such as material selection, graphic usage, and common zigzag stitches and fold names to create timeless beauty and value. To have it "​ ​


Woven pants: price ¥ 10,000 + tax

The college logo is fresh, but more than that, the boldly dropped MJ graphics are sensational."Today's young peopleMJI haven't actually seen him playing. I wanted you to know what MJ, which is both a brand name and an icon, is in basketball culture. Hiroshi's presence in street culture and the Jordan brand, which is also a part of that culture, have a great impact on the two, and the graphic that overlaps the two as its signature is a big event for the brand. The Jordan brand, which has deeply taken root in street cultureMJI want you to feel the fragment and the history that surrounds it. "

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Long sleeve T-shirt on the photo: price ¥ 6,000 / Bottom pullover hoodie: price ¥ 12,000

The concept is about a year and a half. Finally, Israel said about Hiroshi Fujiwara:"Simply faNot only is he sick, he has a keen eye for what is right and is familiar with "Just Enough". On top of that, you can make something special by incorporating an appropriate amount.Good at balance.Through this project, I learned the importance of selection.

Jordan Brand x Fragment コレクション 9月17日発売