[ARTIST INTERVIEW] Block Fog / Teatatu

With the release of "TUNE DELIVERY ~ MUSIC course FASHION ~"

MUSIC-The members will interview the artists whose songs are recorded on the side.


The interview also came in the second half, this time to "Block Fog"

We interviewed about the roots from recorded songs and music production.




Thank you for providing this song​ ​

When participating in the project, please let us know if you have an image of the song.


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Block FogA: I don't precede the image of what song I want to make, but I perceive the sound and think that I'm a record of something. This song was made at the end of the year when sad things happened one after another. In that respect, I think it's my song with a variety of emotions.


How do you usually make music?



Block FogA: I'm taking a break now, but I was doing the so-called noise. A royal road style that connects your own oscillator to an effector or analog synth. Even though there is something like filling one space in a session, you may not have had the feeling of producing music.



Please let us know if you have roots in music production.



Block Fog: There are two things, as far as I remember, such as overseas videos I saw when I was little, or fragmentary memories such as landscapes, smells and sounds I saw in the place where I lived at that time. And there is a dream. The world you saw in your dreams, the people you met, and your feelings. It's like what you want to make on them.






Block Fog


Lives in Kyoto. Currently he mainly works in Kansai as a DJ. Sponsored by MONDO.







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