[ARTIST INTERVIEW] phinge / over this wall, tension

With the release of "TUNE DELIVERY ~ MUSIC course FASHION ~"

MUSIC-The members will interview the artists whose songs are recorded on the side.


This time to "phinge"

The compilation CD contains two songs this time.

We asked about your music production and roots.




Thank you for providing this song​ ​

When participating in the project, please let us know if you have an image of the song.



phinge: In making this work, I was conscious of something that was instrumental, danceable, and smelled underground.


How do you usually make music?



phinge: I usually make pop songs and sing while playing the guitar. This is the first stage, and while playing, a good idea is born to solidify the concrete image, then sublimation in the personal computer.



Please let us know if you have roots in music production.



phinge: When I wrote this song, R & B and soul music were pretty good in myself, and the rhythm was black music like bass, drums, and instruments I used. To do that also comes from the flow of soul music.






Active in Kyoto.

This work is the first work for phinge.







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