Alfa 164

Alpha 164 released in 1987. The timing was the night before the bubble, but the interior and exterior of Pininfarina is a design taste that foretells the glue of the 1990s.

The exterior still has a strong image of the 1980s with a strong square feeling. The lower body is treated like a Sacco plate (a method of guarding the lower body with dark colored resin-like panels) that became famous for the Mercedes W124. It seems that this makes the car look thin and light. It has a Pininfarina-like silhouette.




The interior is also architectural in design, with the green lamps lit when they are lit.

IMG - 6133

In particular, the scenery where the warning lights of the instrument panel at night are lined up in a line is interesting like a blade runner. Since everything is now displayed on the display, there is no such colorful warning light in the first place. It's a design that has become extinct from this world due to technological advances.