It is a new GLE, but the AMG package has a total width of 2,018mm (excluding the mirror). This number was larger than Cullinan 2,000mm and Bentaiga 1,995mm, which was surprising. If you look closely at the figure below, you can see that the SPORT of the AMG specification is over fendered. This expansion is probably + 71mm. However, when compared with the full width including the mirror, Cullinan is 2,164mm and GLE 2,157mm, so Cullinan is slightly larger.


Screenshot 2019-12-31 0.12.20


Since the normal specification is 1,947 mm, it means that the over fender of the AMG specification is +71 mm rather than the pure width of the body, but it is certain that the largest part is this length as measured value, I think this is a fairly large size in Tokyo.

So this is GLE, so GLS Maybach seems to be bigger and the whole width is 2,030mm. Until now, Mercedes had an impression that the overall width was consciously suppressed compared to Bentley and Rolls, but it seems that at least the SUV is going to be larger.


This is the fender part of the Sport specification. A fairly complex press fender. There may be few elaborate sports cars so far. However, the era of having to prepare such a complicated fender for the middle range SUV called GLE. In order to survive the automobile sales war, do you make every effort to enhance product appeal?


The point that is a little anxious on the design is that the thick C pillar style design between the rear door and the cargo room is a tradition from the ML era, and I dare to leave it there, but ironically that part is a bit I feel like it looks old.