Reservation One person, Takumi Kakuno.



I am looking forward every week "Life best restaurantThere is a program called "Taka Kakuno" actor recently.
It is quite unique choice such as Yakitori's yakitori and station lunches, Tanmen along the Chuo line. It seems that he is frequently visiting Kyoto,Book introducing your favorite shopsIt seems that it is out. I have to check this and buy it immediately.
Although I also like the highest love "God horse" at the beginning, but, it is something different. Apparently it is something that is not very helpful and summarizes the series in a famous Kansai information magazine. It seems that most of the shops prepared by the editorial department for serialization rather than Mr. Kakuno's favorite.
I want to know Mr. Kakuno's real recommendation. I wonder if they will make a program at some station.