Intriguing Menu (Ajina-menyu)

good book. Because it is too good, I only tend to read it little by little. Yet now and again places that I like begin to emerge. For example, ‘Asian Lunch’ the well-known food stall that opened around Harajuku. From the story of how it started to behind-the-scenes action such as in the kitchen. Things like that … I strangely admired. And their approach to making ‘Tachigui-soba’ is also unique.
The cover image is of ‘Jinroku’ in Omotesando and closed last month, possibly relocating. It’s existence is a rare thing nowadays. Anyone going always spreads it through word-of-mouth with words of praise, and has almost no information or reviews online except for some contact details. I wonder where it moved to and for how long. I want details!

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