Alpine brand new A110 which was restored under Renault is a reprint version of A110 which had been made since 1962. Originally the same 4 rear axle as 911, the new model is a two seat midship. The engine is Renault Sport system 1.8 turbo 252 ps.

Update the contemporary style incorporating the original details at the front. The interesting thing is that we have narrowed the rear considerably and adopted a design that lowered the butt which is said to generally not sell. This gives a very distinctive sense of incongruity and draws attention. Looking only at the design, it does not look like a midship. As a minor sports car of this kind, I think that something like strange feeling or unusual appearance is required rather than the good looks of the royal road, I think that it is very design-friendly success if considered as A110.

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It is pretty fresh to lower the rear deck and squeeze the back. However, the decor was somewhat childish. Because it is a small brand, there were various restrictions, this may not have been ways.

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