stanxunby_bgUNBY GENERAL GOODS STORE the American classic bottle brand we always love, has begun selling W-named bottle with STANLEY. When the STANLEY USA team visited UNBY GENERAL GOODS STORE, he took a liking to the store which sparked this W name.
The W-name model inspired that way comes in 2 types.

insta_stanley 3Master Vacuum Switchback Mug, 0.47L – ¥4800 (plus tax)
The all-black 0.47L Vacuum Switchback Mug usable around town.
Because Stanley's vacuum switchback mug has a lid, it protects the mouth from things such as dust and dirt while drinking, and can be washed by disassembling parts, so it is very hygienically as well. It is also recommended to attach it to a bag with a carabiner on the handle.
(Thermal effect at high temperatures, 60 ºC or more – 7 hours / At low temperatures, 10 ºC or less – 9 hours)

insta_stanley 1Water bottle, 0.53L – ¥4500 (plus tax)
The large screw-type cap (about 82 mm) can also be used outdoors, making it easy to add drinks with ice. Because the lid (2.2 cm) is connected to the cap, there is no fear of it going missing.
(Thermal effect at low temperatures, less than 8 ºC – 6 hours)


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