Although it’s the new CLS model, this CLS 53 is the new Graphite Grey colour.

CLS 53 is one of the AMG models with a hybrid petrol-electric system. It’s touch and go whether the CLS 63 comes out separately, and with the AMG GT 4-door also different.

IMG_ 9881

Well, the rear design that really stood out may also be surprisingly good if it’s more of a familiar sight.

Screenshot 2018-01-10 2.15.19

But in the end, the size is pretty big, with the width measuring 1,890mm overall. And yet considering how big the Panamera is, maybe the measurement should be credited for not being any wider. If you think about rumored new G, the width seems around 1,950mm.

Vorlage_SSP_Maßzg - Front + Rückansicht Vorlage_SSP_Maßzg - Front + Rückansicht Vorlage_SSP_Maßzg - Seitenan + Draufsicht