Leica Thambar M-mount lens, F2.2/90mm

Screenshot 2017-10-20 18.09.03

Thambar-M-1-2, 2 - 90 - Typ - Baseline - teaser - 1200 x 800

Leica Thambar M-mount lens, F2.2/90mm
A revived edition of the Thambar 9mm F2.2 has appeared.
It takes one-off images with a unique soft focus. A rare lens that is hard to find even second-hand has been brought back, designed with contemporary technology and almost no changes. At ¥842,400, the price is pretty good, but considering the second-hand price of a model manufactured in the 1930s is in the range of ¥500,000, is it a piece worth having?
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