Lofree Keyboard

930 B 3 E 942 8 E 3 -1


The​ ​​ ​Lofree keyboard uses simple and colourful mechanical keys of a charming design.
The thing I ordered quite a while ago through crowdfunding, suddenly arrived.
Key tops are round and designed like a traditional typewriter, and key switching is mechanical, comfortable to use (although bit noisy) and feels firm to touch.

930 B 3 E 942 8 E 3 - 2

I went for a black Thinkpad design with a red return key, but there are other colours in blue and white. Both have a design that feels perfect. Although I end up buying 2 or 3 keyboards a year, I will come back to the IIGS keyboard again. I should be able to get away with Lofree for a little while.