955 Cayenne

I believe the design for the new model first generation is out, although the right words escape me, it “feels a little clumsy because is was so new”.

For example, this Cayenne is the first generation 955.

Starting with the exterior, it’s extremely difficult to place the shape of a Porsche on an SUV. Headlights for example look quite soft, even though bumpers are way too aggressive. The shape of the bumper grille is also curved, and looks a bit strange like some deep sea fish. But the rear is filled with personality. This is what a Porsche SUV looks like. Looking at it now, it’s well designed and full of character.

PORSCHECayenneTurbo-1182 _ 62


And looking at the interior now, it is still a bit odd. Maybe this way, they’re trying really hard to design both the steering and centre console. But perhaps that’s a good thing.

2010_porsche_cayenne_gts_int eri or_0

And because the first model sold after this, the new model becomes a business product assured of success meaning it will become more and more sophisticated.

Of course, the new model is luxurious and well planned, but perhaps this will win a ‘Good Design’ award whatever that means. Also, the design will feel more and more familiar, since it is made with the thought of parts borrowed from other models.

2017 - porsche - cayenne - 100548913 - 1 2019 - porsche - cayenne - int eri or

If the first model is like this it’s experimental, and I wonder if a lot of interesting designs are also odd sometimes.

In that sense, if looking around the interior of the first model now, it was actually quite good.

2003_porsche_boxster_s_3.2_260_ps_int eri or_1986 Boxster

8664657acd296e226b04863a21c88125W 219 CLS

Especially in the first CLS, it’s amazing the air-con control panel doesn’t feel at all out of place in the middle of wood panelling.

It’s beautifully simple. I think everything the latest Mercedes interior lost has ended up here.